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Genetically Modified Foods from Islamic Law Perspective

Mar 31, 2021

Nowadays, genetically modified foods find application in many sectors from livestock to health and especially in agriculture. From Islamic law perspective, the critical point is to know whether the modern biotechnology is properly used in genetically modified food production and whether these products are suitable for human health and whether all production stages are halal. Another important point is the uncertainty that may arise during the production and whether the precaution can be taken. The Islamic law methodology is of great importance in understanding and resolving the above issues in line with religious values and scientific data together. This paper outlines how the Islamic law methodology can be applied to the issues of genetically modified goods in an interdisciplinary framework, by combining the pillars of Islam and scientific knowledge, and thus promoting what is morally, legally and economically beneficial for halal nutrition and life, for all humanity, Muslims and non-Muslims. We reach the conclusion that there are no definitive provisions set by Islamic law about these issues but they can be resolved within the scope of maslahah and maqasid, which is to achieve the righteous and eliminate the harmful.

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