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VenezuelaGMOs/Regulations and Biodiversity A Legal Perspective in Venezuela


Dec 31, 2020

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has a long and important tradition in the conceptual, legislative, and regulatory development on environmental affairs. The creation of the Ministry of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources in the 1970s, as a predecessor for the current Ministry of the Popular Power for Ecosocialism was a milestone. The Biological Diversity Management Law was promulgated in 2008. Its aims were to establish notions, such as the provisions for the biological diversity management. The National Action Plan details the main causes of biodiversity loss and then identifies seven strategic lines. These concern information management; conservation of endangered species, strategic areas for conservation, sustainable use of biological diversity, prevention, control, and eradication of exotic species, control and supervision of GMOs, species trafficking or illicit trades prevention and management.

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