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Amendment on confectionery and similar products


Nov 24, 2021

It is proposed to reorder and update Paragraph Iidel General Food Regulations - Cocoa and Chocolate Products, in its entirety, using the definitions and concepts of the Codex Alimentarius; Guideline 66 - 2008 Guidelines for the Use of Flavourings, Codex Stan 86 - 1981 Standard for Cocoa Butter, Codex Stan 87-1981 Standard for Chocolate and Chocolate Products, Codex Stan 105-1981 Standard for Cocoa Powders (Cocoas) and Cocoa-Sugar Mixtures, and Codex Stan 141-1983, Standard for Cocoa Mass (Cocoa/Chocolate Liquor) and Cocoa Cake, Codex Stan 192 - 1995 General Standard for Food Additives, and the regulations of the EC, Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador were also reviewed.


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