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Phosphatidylserine (soy) authorized for use as a supplementary ingredient in foodstuffs


Apr 18, 2024

Health Canada's Food Directorate completed a safety assessment of phosphatidylserine. The assessment concluded that information related to chemistry, nutrition, microbiology, toxicology, and allergenicity supports the safety of phosphatidylserine (soy) in supplemented foods.

Phosphatidylserine is a glycerophospholipid that is naturally present in a wide variety of commonly consumed foods.

Health Canada has concluded that information related to the safety of phosphatidylserine made from food grade soy lecithin supports its safe use in supplemented foods, provided levels of use do not exceed intakes of 300 mg per day, do not exceed 300 mg per serving, and that certain other compositional and labelling requirements are met.


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