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ANVISA new initiatives to clarify doubts about regularization of food and food packaging


Mar 29, 2024

The National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA in Portuguese) announces that, following the publication of the Resolution of the Collegiate Council (RDC) 843/2024 and Normative Instruction (IN) 281/2024, which deal with the regularization of food and packaging, it began to receive a large volume of queries and requests for information on the new regulations, through its service channels.

In this regard, ANVISA reports that several initiatives are being developed to clarify doubts on the subject:

  • Webinars: two virtual meetings will be held. The first, scheduled for May 2, will address general aspects of the regulations. The second, scheduled for June 20, will provide instructions on how to complete the electronic forms required for product registration and notification. 
  • Preparation of a Questions and Answers document

ANVISA emphasizes that it is important to wait for materials to be published and webinars to be held before sending direct questions so that the technical department can optimize resources and ensure that all interested parties receive the necessary information.

For further information (in Portuguese), click on the Link

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