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Ministry of Health approves cultured beef for the first time in the world


Jan 22, 2024

For the first time in the world, the Ministry of Health in Israel has approved "cultured meet" based on beef.

The approval came as part of a pilot program for alternative proteins carried out by the Department of Food Risk Management at the Ministry’s National Food Service. 

The Ministry of Health is working on the approval of alternative food sources in light of the growing global demand for “products of non-living origin”.

Cultured meat is defined as a "novel food" and therefore requires a complex and detailed approval process in order to protect public health. Each novel food is examined individually as each company has different technology, production processes and products.

The team that worked on the pilot conducted a deep evaluation of the safety aspects related to the consumption of this new food from the company "Aleph Farms".

For further information (in Hebrew), click on the Link

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