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Proposed amendments to requirements for food exposed to ionizing radiation


Sep 27, 2023

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has issued a consultation document, proposing requirements for food products and food ingredients exposed to ionizing radiation. The proposal provides:

  • The ionizing radiation sources allowed to be used (radionuclear isotopes 60Co or 137Cs (gamma radiation), with maximum energy of 5MeVX rays, etc.).
  • Different food irradiation treatment requirements ( for dried herbs, spices and vegetable seasonings, the maximum absorbed radiation dose is 10Gy).
  • Requirements for the labeling of irradiated food (labels marked with the words "irradiation" or "ionization treatment", ingredients after irradiation should be marked with the words "irradiation" or "ionization treatment" next to the ingredients list).

For further information (in Ukrainian), click on the Link

Check the full text of the documents (in Ukrainian), click on the Link

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