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Draft update to replace Food Regulations


Sep 12, 2023

The Ministry of Health and Wellness has published Draft Food Regulations 2023 will replace the current Food Regulations 1999, with the objective to further strengthen the food control framework in Mauritius by setting standards for the following:

− Food composition and labelling, including labelling requirements for pre-packed food.

− Packages for food, including standards for food grade material, which can be used for packaging.

− Pre-approval permit for any novel food, food produced using gene technology and irradiated food.

− Examination and sampling of food for clearance at border level as well as surveillance at domestic level.

− Food hygiene pertaining to building and facilities, food handling practices and personal hygiene of food handlers.

− Contaminants levels to protect the market from the sale of unsafe food.

− Chilled and frozen food to enable the transport, storage, display and sale of perishable food safely.

− Food additives, which can be used in specific food and at which level.

− Salt, which is allowed for sale.

− Cereal and cereal product for the sale of fortified flour.

− Egg and egg product to ensure their safe consumption.

− Special purpose food for the health protection of infants and children.

− Edible oil or fat concerning saturated fat and trans-fat.

− Mayonnaise and sauce for their production.

− Milk and milk product to ensure their safety and nutritional quality.

− Meat and meat product processing and sale.

− Fish and fish product, which are safe for human consumption.

− Packaged water and natural mineral water for their production and sale.

− Food safety management system requirement for food establishments involved in specific types of food, mayonnaise, fish and fish product, meat and meat product, and packaged water and natural mineral water.

− Food prohibited for sale in educational institutions, such pre-primary, primary and secondary schools.


Proposed date of adoption: 1 December 2023

Check the full text of the documents (in English), click on the Link

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