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Proposal on the use of insects as novel foods


Sep 07, 2023

The Senate adopted bill L319/2023. The legislative proposal would allow the use of insects (yellow worm, lesser mealworm, domestic cricket and locust - Locusta migratoria) in food products and the marketing of these products in Romania, prohibiting economic operators from including new foodstuffs in the preparation of products included in the National Register of Traditional Products.

According to an amendment introduced by the rapporteur committees and approved by the Plenary, European Regulations are listed in the annexes of which the forms of use (frozen, paste, dried, powdered, partially defatted), the conditions under which they can be used in foodstuffs, the specific food categories in which they can be used and the maximum permitted proportions are specified.


Check the full text of the documents (in Romanian), click on the Link

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