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New regulations for supplemented foods


Aug 01, 2023

Health Canada announced new regulations for supplemented foods. The new regulations will continue to protect the health and safety of Canadians, while providing people in Canada the information they need to make informed choices about these foods. The new rules will also allow industry to bring new and innovative products to consumers.

Under the new regulations, all supplemented foods will have a standardized Supplemented Food Facts table, which includes information on the amount of each supplemental ingredient added. This table is similar to the Nutrition Facts table that currently helps inform Canadians’ food choices.

Supplemented foods that contain specific ingredients will also require labels to provide information for consumers on the cautions and directions for use related to the supplemented food to see if it is appropriate for them.

To reduce potential health risks, the new regulations also impose strict compositional limits and conditions of use, as well as limits on the types of foods that can be supplemented. For example, a food like bread, which is already fortified for public health would not be considered an appropriate food category to be supplemented.

The regulations will also maintain the prohibition on the use of supplemented foods as ingredients or as constituents of ingredients to produce edible cannabis.


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