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Health Canada issues guidelines for supplemented foods


Aug 10, 2023

Health Canada has published the Guidance document on Supplemented Foods Regulations. The guidance is intended for stakeholders, including manufacturers and distributors of foods for sale in Canada, to facilitate the understanding of the Supplemented Foods Regulations, which came into force on July 21, 2022.

The Supplemented Foods Regulations should be read in conjunction with other provisions of the Food and Drug Regulations (FDR) applicable to pre-packaged products as well as the Food and Drugs Act (FDA) and the documents incorporated by reference into the FDR (List of Permitted Supplemental Ingredients, List of Permitted Supplemented Food Categories, Directory of Supplemented Food Facts Table Formats, and Directory of Supplemented Food Caution Identifier Specifications), listed in Appendix 1. To account for new requirements specific to Supplemented Foods in the FDR, certain consequential amendments had to be made to existing provisions in the FDR (for example, expanding labelling provisions in Part B, Division 1 applicable to the Nutrition Facts table to include the Supplemented Food Facts table). 

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