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Egg white lysozyme hydrolyzed protein: FDA rules on its use and labeling


Jun 08, 2023

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has published restrictions on the use and labeling of hen egg white lysozyme hydrolysate as a food raw material.

The hydrolyzed egg white lysozyme protein regulated by this regulation uses egg white lysozyme (Lysozyme) as a raw material, after being hydrolyzed by the protease enzyme (subtilisin protease) from Bacillus licheniformis, and then filtered and dehydrated. Compliant egg white lysozyme hydrolyzed protein can be used in dietary supplements for adults, and the daily intake limit is 1 gram. In addition, foods that use hydrolyzed egg white lysozyme protein as a raw material must be labeled with the warning words "This product is for adults only, and people allergic to egg protein, pregnant women, infants and patients with chronic kidney disease should avoid consumption".

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