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FSA adopts novel foods application guidance based on EFSA requirements


May 08, 2023

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) published Novel foods authorisation requirements and what you need to submit as part of a novel food application. Detailed guidance and application requirements are set out in retained EU law Regulation (EC) 2017/2469 and guidance previously developed by EFSA. The EFSA guidance  remains relevant as the approach is based on EU processes.

EU Food Law continues to apply in Northern Ireland, under the current terms of the Protocol on Ireland/ Northern Ireland (Annex II). The novel status of a product in Northern Ireland is based on the European Commission determination (Opens in a new window) and before being placed on the Northern Ireland market, novel foods must go through the EU authorisation processes. Only novel foods authorised by the European Commission may be placed on the Northern Ireland market. Under the provisional Common Framework for Food and Feed Safety and Hygiene, Northern Ireland continues to fully participate in the risk analysis processes concerning food and feed safety


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