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Amendments to regulations impacting dietary supplements


Mar 16, 2023

Rospotrebnadzor proposed to change the special requirements for biologically active additives (BAA), their production, sale and labeling. Changes are proposed to the Customs Union technical regulations "On food safety" (TR TS 021/2011) and "On the safety of certain types of specialized food products, including therapeutic dietetic and preventive dietetic nutrition" (TR TS 027/2012).

The changes in TR TS 021/2011 aim to clarify the terminology in the definition of the concept of "biologically active additive". If adopted, these products will be classified as specialty food products and regulated accordingly by technical regulation TR CU 027/2012.

The amendments also provide for the establishment of maximum permissible levels of fatty acid glycidyl esters, in terms of glycidol, in baby food, as well as 3-monochloropropanediols in vegetable protein hydrolysates and soy sauce.

It is proposed to ban the use of synthetic drugs for the production of dietary supplements, including pharmaceutical substances and finished drugs. The ban will also include psychotropic, narcotic, poisonous, potent substances, as well as plants and their processed products containing these substances. The list of prohibited components in baby food products is being expanded. In turn, TR TS 027/2012, in addition to the effect on dietary supplements, will clarify approaches to the definition of food products for sports nutrition, food products for diabetics, as well as the concepts of gluten-free products and products. with low gluten content, says the explanatory note.


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