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Dietary Supplement Q&A Guide Update


Sep 07, 2022

The National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA in Portuguese) published the 8th edition of the Dietary Supplement Q&A document has 178 questions and answers with updated guidance on the regulatory framework for dietary supplements. In this edition, the following topics have been added or updated from the last edition:

  • Introduction and other answers throughout the document with the exclusion of individual hyperlinks redirecting to the regulatory texts and the inclusion of the hyperlink to Food Topics Library;
  • Questions 5 and 6, which clarify the regulatory framework for food supplements and its updates;
  • Question No. 14, which informs on the second version of the Guide for the Instruction of the Procedure for the Request for Evaluation of Probiotics for Use in Foods;
  • Question No. 23, which clarifies the food supplements indicated for sublingual administration; e) Question No. 24, which clarifies the regulatory framework for food supplements indicated for sublingual administration.


For further information (in Portuguese), click on the Link

Check the full text of the documents (in Portuguese), click on the  Link

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