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Amendments to the Food and Drug Regulations on supplemented foods


Jul 20, 2022

Health Canada published amendments to the Food and Drug Regulations mostly in a new division for Supplemented Foods (Division 29) in the Canada Gazette Part II (CGII). This division represents a risk-based approach for regulating supplemented foods, which was previously under the Temporary Marketing Authorization (TMA) framework, to allow products with levels of certain permitted supplemental ingredients established as safe to access the Canadian food market.

Highlights of Division 29:

  • new labelling requirements of supplemental ingredients in supplemented foods (including a Supplemented Foods Facts table, cautionary statements with the presentation of Supplemented Foods Caution Identifier as required by specified conditions)
  • documents incorporated by reference and published as part of these amendments (such as the List of Permitted Supplemented Food Categories and the List of Permitted Supplemental Ingredients) may be modified based on a stakeholder request for change, new science or emerging health risk, following a Health Canada evaluation

The regulatory amendments provide a 3.5 year transition period, ending on December 31, 2025. Products for which manufacturers or distributors receive Health Canada authorization after CGII publication will be provided the remaining transition period.


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