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ANSES: Assessment of R-Nano, the national reporting scheme

Dec 29, 2020

 The Agency is carrying out an initial assessment of its reporting scheme after eight years in operation, and stresses how much the insufficient quantity or quality of data provided hampers the traceability of nanomaterials and the use of these data by public health agencies. It suggests several areas for improvement to make the R-Nano register data more reliable, improve nanomaterial traceability and optimise the system's efficiency.

Nanomaterials are contained in a wide variety of everyday products such as sunscreens, textiles, food and paints. They are used for their specific properties (size, morphology, solubility, etc.) in many industrial sectors, including construction, automotive, packaging, agri-food, cosmetics and health products. The large number of existing substances, along with the lack of knowledge of their effects on human health and the environment and of the degree of exposure to them, still constitute major obstacles to risk assessment.

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