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GACC | Rejected Imported Foods & Cosmetics in February, 2020


May 31, 2020

According to the monthly notice of unqualified foods and cosmetics by GAC, 76 batches of imported foods and 3 batches of imported cosmetics were found unqualified and refused for entry in February, 2020.
Unqualified foods came from 15 countries or regions. Products from US, 24 batches, were the most, following with Ecuador (11 batches) and Japan (10 batches).

The foods refused for entry did not comply with China’s laws and regulations. The main reasons of rejection were: illegal food label issues (the most, 29 batches), exceeding the shelf life, without required certificates or qualified documents, animal diseases detected, inconsistent of goods with documents, etc.
Unqualified cosmetics came from South Korea (2 batches) and Taiwan area (1 batch). The rejection reasons were illegal labelling and microbial contamination.The above mentioned unqualified foods and cosmetics had been returned or destroyed at ports, according to GAC. 

For information in Chinese, please visit 2020å¹´2月全国未准入境食品化妆品信息
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