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Customs issued a draft regulation that – if approved without modifications – may have a deep impact on food import business in China.


Dec 02, 2019

The main content is that producers of all kinds of food ill need to be pre-approved by Chinese Customs Administration.

Currently, this is a requirement only for producers of animal-origin products, and specifically meat and meat products, dairy products, aquaculture products and birds’ nests. 

Under the new scenario, producers of any other food product will need to go through this lengthy procedure; basically, foreign producers will need to apply to own-country relevant ministries, which will then submit the applications to Chinese competent authorities including specific comments and recommendations on which applicants meet PRC mandatory standard requirements.  Approval number shall become a mandatory labeling item.

Implementation of this potential new scenario will face big challenges: such as time (for foreign authorities to become familiar with PRC standards, or for specific product safety protocols to be entered between China and a very high number of other countries); huge workload for Chinese authorities to process all such applications; etc..

Let’s see if the final scenario will be less drastic.


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