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USA - Food, Nutrition, and Related Policy Issues: Evidence-Based Policy and the Credibility Crisis


Jun 12, 2024

In recent years, the push for evidence-based policy has gained momentum, particularly in the field of food and nutrition, where the stakes for public health are high, underscoring the need for aligning policy with robust scientific evidence. This paper examines the credibility crisis in evidence-based policymaking, highlighting challenges such as conflicts of interest and misuse of scientific findings. We delve into the complexities of food policies, including nutrition labeling and food assistance programs, and discuss the limitations of relying on single studies and short-term impacts for policymaking. The paper explores perverse incentives within the policy-research ecosystem and illustrates potential bias and the lack of equipoise in research design. We conclude with recommendations for enhancing the credibility of evidence-based policy, emphasizing the importance of independence, relevance, and transparency in research citations and the need for dynamic policy responses informed by ongoing scientific developments.


Author(s):  Krasovskaia, E nad Just, D. R.

Published in: Q Open

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