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EU/Malaysian - Halal Meat, Food Fraud, and Consumer Protection: A Comparison of Islamic, European and Malaysian Perspectives

European Union

Aug 28, 2023

The broader implications of food fraud are global and can affect consumers across the religious line. In Islamic belief, meat is considered the most strictly regulated food product. The awareness of seeking authentic halal meat is the highest among Muslim consumers because it is an essential part of their faith. It is devastating for Muslims that they might have consumed meat considered halal, which actually was not. For example, a meat-fraud scandal was uncovered in December 2020 by the local newspaper in Malaysia, which also involved a few other countries. Fraudulent advertising by food companies clearly spells doom for the Muslim community as they would want to know who the legitimate dealers of halal meat products are. The discussion on halal meat unavoidably boils down to animal rights and the way animals are slaughtered to comply with the requirements of halal meat. Muslims argue that the practices of traditional Islamic slaughter are humane. However, many animal rights campaigners argue that religious slaughter causes animals unnecessary suffering and should adopt stunning before slaughter. This article uncovers various types of fraud relating to halal meat globally with specific reference to European and Malaysian laws to analyse the legal rights available to consumers and their protection. The analysis in this article reveals that authorities should further strengthen their role in enforcing consumer laws and continuously seek ways to educate consumers about halal food fraud.

Author(s):  Ahmad, Na., Shamsu, Lilly Suzana and Ariffin, M

Published in: Manchester Journal of Transnational Islamic Law & Practice

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