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Around the World - Regulations for food packaging materials


Jun 21, 2023

Food safety and quality are essential concerns for consumers worldwide. One way to ensure that the food we consume meets these standards is through proper food regulation. While there are various aspects of food regulation, one critical aspect is the regulations for food packaging materials. As such, this book chapter has been written to provide an in-depth overview of the regulations for food packaging materials in different continents, namely Asia, Europe, and America. The chapter delves into several countries in each continent, such as Malaysia, Japan, Australia, China, the United States, and South Africa, and discusses their specific food packaging regulations. This chapter also emphasizes the importance of considering the composition, migration properties, and potential for contamination of food packaging materials. It highlights the need for regulations to ensure that food packaging materials do not adversely affect the safety and quality of food products. In light of the evolving food packaging industry, the chapter further underscores the need for continuous evaluation and improvement of food packaging regulations. This is crucial to keep up with emerging risks and new technologies that may arise and impact the safety and quality of food.

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