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China - Food and medicine continuum’ in the East and West: Old tradition and current regulation


Dec 22, 2022

Food-medicine products are important materials for daily health management and are increasingly popular in the global heathy food market. However, because of the biocultural difference, food-medicine knowledge may differ among regions, which hinders the global sharing of such health strategies. Aim at bridging the food-medicine knowledge in the East and West, this study traced the historical roots of food and medicine continuum of the East and West, which was followed by a cross-cultural assessment on the importance of food-medicine products of China, thereafter, the current legislative terms for food-medicine products were studied using an international survey. The results show that the food and medicine continuum in the East and West have their historical roots in the traditional medicines since antiquity, and the food-medicine knowledge in the East and West differs substantially; although the food-medicine products have common properties, their legislative terms are diverse globally; with proofs of traditional uses and scientific evidence, food-medicine products are possible for cross-cultural communication. Finally, we recommend facilitating the cross-cultural communication of the food-medicine knowledge in the East and West, thus to make the best use of the traditional health wisdom in the globe

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