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Use of Nanoparticles in Food Industry: Current Legislation, Health Risk Discussions and Public Perception with a focus on Switzerland


Aug 02, 2021

In food industry, nanotechnology has been an attractive technology that can revolutionize the food sector ranging from food processing to food packaging, safety, and finally, shelf-life extension. Herein, the consumer perception of nanoparticles use in the food industry is a determining factor in their successful implementation and commercialization. The European Union (EU) Commission and the Federal Office of Public Health in Switzerland made it mandatory for food producers to provide transparent information on the ingredients, including synthetic nanoparticle content. Therefore, it is imperative to determine the current state of the publics perception and opinion on the use of nanoparticles in the food industry. In this report an overview about current legislations is given. In addition, health risks concerns and the public opinion are critically discussed with a focus on information gained by a small convenience survey in the French speaking part of Switzerland.


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