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Fortification using grape extract polyphenols A review on functional food regulations

Mar 02, 2021

Grapes are rich sources of polyphenols and widely used in food fortification due to their health promoting properties. Previous studies have provided systematic strategies on foods fortified with grape polyphenols; however, until now, very little is known about grape polyphenol market, fortification, and their health food regulations. It is therefore necessary to make a comprehensive overview on grape extract polyphenols and their fortification in functional foods. Hence, we reviewed the grape polyphenol market, fortification, health food market scenario, and functional food regulations. The global grape polyphenol market is expected to rise 946.90 million USD by 2023 with its own trademark as polyphenol fortified functional foods. This is ultimately due to acceptability, extensive use, marketing of polyphenol fortified functional foods, and their favorable food regulations. The future perspective on grape polyphenols research should be focused on extraction of polyphenols from grape waste and their fortification in functional foods.


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