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Regulation of food and beverage advertising targeting children: the right to information


Feb 02, 2021

Objective. To document how regulatory frameworks of food and non-alcoholic beverage advertising (FABA) that are directed towards children in Mexico have evolved since 1926. Materials and methods. Document analysis of laws, regulations and guidelines regarding FABA regulations that were published in the Official Gazette (OG) from 1926 - 2016. Results. 18 documents from the OG were reviewed. Advantages and limitations of the regulatory frameworks were identified. This analysis provided an understanding of how FABA directed to children has been regulated and how it has adapted to changes in the media. Conclusions. A strict regulation of FABA directed to children is needed, specifically to control messages that promote the consump- tion of products with low nutritional quality as this is related to increasing prevalence of overweight, obesity and chronic diseases.


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