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Regulations on the registration and administration of foreign manufacturers of imported food


Dec 13, 2021

The General Administration of Customs China’s (GACC’s) publication of registration requirements applicable to all foreign food companies that manufacture, store, or process food exported to China. The regulations (Decree 248 – Regulations on Registration and Administration of Overseas Manufacturers of Imported Food) will take effect on January 1, 2022. By way of background, Articles 7 and 8 of the Decree require that the countries’ competent authorities recommend registration of facilities involved in the export of the following categories of food: (1) Meat and meat products, (2) Aquatic products, (3) Dairy products, (4) Bird nests and bird nest products, (5) Casings, (6) Bee products, (7) Eggs and egg products, (8) Edible oils and fats, (9) Stuffed wheaten products, (10) Edible grains, (11) Milled grain industry products and malt, (12) Fresh and dehydrated vegetables and dried beans, (13) Condiments, (14) Nuts and seeds, (15) Dried fruits, (16) Unroasted coffee beans and cocoa beans, (17) Foods for special dietary purposes, and (18) Functional food.

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