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New thematic codes for the evaluation of safety and efficacy of new food ingredients published by ANVISA


Nov 11, 2021

Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (ANVISA) has published four new thematic codes related to requests for evaluation of the safety and efficacy of new food ingredients. These new codes allow simplified instructions and analysis for the following cases:

  • Evaluation of the equivalence of the specification in relation to already approved ingredients (code 4133);
  • Evaluation of the safety of new fresh, minimally processed or dehydrated foods, such as vegetables, tubers, cereals and fruits, including plant species for the preparation of teas and spices, which have data to support their history of safe consumption as food (code 4134);
  • Extension of the use of previously evaluated ingredients to new food categories (code 4135); and
  • Evaluation of novel foods based on analyzes carried out by foreign regulatory authorities (code 4136).


For further information (in Portuguese), click on the Link


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