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GM Trichoderma reesei approved as new processing aid


Aug 21, 2023

Following the call for comments to "Application A1245 - Alpha-glucosidase from GM Trichoderma reesei as a processing aid in brewing", the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has now approved a draft variation amending the table to subsection S18—9(3) of the Food Standard Code.

The approved draft variation will permit the use of the enzyme alpha-glucosidase ( sourced from T. reesei containing the alpha-glucosidase gene from A. niger as a processing aid in the manufacture and/or processing of beer (in addition to the enzyme’s existing permitted technological purposes). The permission will be subject to the condition that the maximum permitted level or amount of the enzyme that may be present in the food must be an amount consistent with good manufacturing practice (GMP). The effect of the approved draft variation will be to permit the proposed use of this enzyme as a processing aid in accordance with the Code.

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