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Welsh authorities propose new legislation to restrict price promotions on products high in fat, sugar and salt


Jun 29, 2023

The new law, which will be introduced in 2024 and will be rolled out across Wales by 2025, builds on the commitment to improve diets and help prevent obesity by restricting the ways foods high in fat, sugar or salt can be promoted.

This will include volume-based promotions, such as multi-buys and restrictions on where products high in fat, sugar or salt can be displayed, such as at the end of aisles. Also intended to be included, to address the scale of the challenge, will be temporary price promotions and meal deals. Whilst this would not ban meal deals or other types of promotion it would restrict the inclusion of the unhealthiest products.

Products that are high in fat, sugar or salt tend to be more heavily promoted and given higher prominence in stores. This encourages unplanned impulse buys, with people buying, consuming and spending more on unhealthy foods than they intended.


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