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Appeals court rules in favor of nutrition information on aerosol fat labeling


Apr 19, 2023

California's Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the lawsuit over aerosolized fat products. A label stating that a serving has zero calories or fat grams is not misleading because it is classified as an aerosol, U.S. The initial case was filed as a consumer class action 10 years ago.

While the full bottle of the pump-sprayed butter substitute is not low in fat or calories (the initial complaint states that the full bottle has 771 calories and 82 grams of fat), the nutrition facts information that breaks down the information based on a single spray is accurate, the court ruled.

The long-running lawsuit forced a close examination of the regulated definitions of different foods established by the FDA. The initial judge considering the case also ruled labeling was not misleading.


Check the full text of the documents (in English), click on the Link

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