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Food contact materials containing bamboo

European Union

Dec 06, 2022

The European Commission, together with the EU Agri-Food Fraud Network, published the results of a coordinated enforcement Action on plastic food contact materials (FCM) containing bamboo. The action aims to putting an end to the illegal import, trade and advertising of plastic articles sold as food contact materials, e.g. tableware, containing bamboo and other unauthorised plant-based additives. It was a shared effort of the EU AGRI Food Fraud Network and customs authorities (through DG TAXUD). Most plant-based additives, including bamboo, have not been safety assessed for their use in plastics. Some therefore may present a health risk. The addition of bamboo to plastic FCM articles can lead to the accelerated degradation of the plastic and leaching of formaldehyde and melamine (substances used in the manufacture of the plastic) into food, sometimes above safe levels.


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