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Health Canada announced changes to the Natural Health Products regulations


Jul 01, 2021

Health Canada’s proposal includes four key elements, which will help Canadians make informed decisions when selecting and using NHPs:

  1. A Product Facts table: Important product information, such as warnings and directions for use, would be presented in a standardized table;

  2. Clearly and prominently displayed label text: Rules would be introduced to improve NHP label legibility and readability (e.g., improved colour contrast and minimum font size requirements);

  3. Labelling of food allergens, gluten and aspartame: Priority food allergens, gluten, and aspartame would be identified in the warning section of the label;

  4. Modernized contact information: A manufacturer may display either an email address, telephone number or website instead of a postal address, as currently required.

This regulatory proposal to improve labelling for NHPs is a key component of the Self-Care Framework, initiated in 2016.

For further information (in English), click on the Link


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