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A Public Consultation Has Been Published to Modify the Mexican Official Regulation on Juices, Coconut Water, Nectars, Non-Alcoholic Beverages With Vegetables or Fruits, Coconut Water or Coconut, Vegetables or Greens, and Flavored Non-Alcoholic Beverages-Denomination-Specifications-Commercial Information and Test Methods


Mar 03, 2021

Project for the Modification of the Mexican Official Regulation PROY-NOM-173-SE-2020, juices, coconut water, nectars, non-alcoholic beverages with vegetables or fruits, coconut water or coconut, vegetables or greens, and flavored non-alcoholic beverages-Denomination-Specifications-Commercial information and test methods (will substitute the Mexican Official Regulation NOM-173-SCFI-2009, Prepackaged Fruit Juices- Denomination-Physicochemical Specifications, Commercial information, and test methods, published on August 28th, 2009).

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