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Issues Food Notice on Maximum Residual Limits for Agricultural Compounds

New Zealand

Nov 03, 2020

The Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) issued Food Notice on “Maximum Residual limits for Agricultural Compounds” under the Food Act 2014 in accordance with Food Regulation 2015.

The scope of the document on the agricultural compounds in food outlines two major purposes:

  1. To specify the maximum residue limits;

  2. To specify maximum residue with no limits but with applied conditions.

The applications of these compounds are on food products such as Fruits and Vegetables, Animal’s Meats and fats etc.

The Criteria set forth by Food Act 2014 and the Food Regulations 2015 is to prohibit the sale of food that exceeds the limits set for specified foods and to provide food safety regimes, assess risk-based measures to protect public health.

The Food Notice is effective from October 09, 2020.

For further information (in English), click on the Link

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