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Sep 01, 2020

The Dutch Advertising Code Commission (Reclame Code Commissie) withheld an Instagram post which attributed immune-support and antiviral benefits to mushrooms. More specifically, the add included the allegation that the sold mushrooms contain compounds which strengthen the immune system and can function as an antiviral.

The Dutch body, making reference to article 7(3) of the European Union Food to Consumers Regulation 1169/2011, indicated that food information shall not attribute to any food the property of preventing, treating or curing a human disease, nor refer to such properties. It argues that ‘antiviral’ essentially means the prevention of disease. In addition, the mention of immune strengthening properties is considered contrary to the European Union Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation 1924/2006. At present, there are no authorized or approved claims on the immune-functionality of mushrooms.

Reclame Code Commissie (2020/00178, 14 July 2020) - link

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