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Partially Amends Maximum Residue Limits of Food Contaminants


May 04, 2020

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW)(厚生労働省)  of Japan has publieshed the "Partial Amendment of Specifications And Standards for Foods, Food additives, etc. (MHLW Notification No. 194 of 2020)" and "(MHLW Notification No. 0423 No. 1 of 2020"

Among others, new maximum residue levels have been set for the following pesticides and veterinary drugs:

  • Setxijim (herbicide) – new reference values for barley, rye, corn, soybean etc.

  • Diazinon (veterinary drug) – changed limits for edible parts of animals, milk, other poultry muscles, other poultry fat, other poultry livers, other poultry kidneys etc.

  • Bifentrine (pesticide) - rye, buckwheat noodles, and other cereals, rough, and radishes (including radishes)

  • Buprofezin (pesticide): new limit for wheat, corn, soybean, potato, horseradish etc.

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