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ADAFSA warns of food rumors


May 04, 2020

Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) has warned the public on the dangers surrounding food rumors, especially that circulating on social media for their great impact on the society's safety and the national economy.

ADAFSA urged the public to avoid circulating such rumors, and to contact the authority for verifying any information of relevancy to food safety, to minimize rumors' negative impacts on society.

ADAFSA noted that some rumors intended to harm some products and brands for competitive reasons. Due to misunderstanding of circulated food information without knowing its source, or by publishing old news as new information, some rumors are shared among the public.

Furthermore, ADAFSA clarified that food-safety rumors have a great impact on consumers like changing consumer nutritional habits due to misunderstanding and making nutrition-related decisions based on false information and not scientific grounds, which negatively affects the handled food's safety.

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