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FSSAI reconstitutes scientific committee and 19 scientific panels


Feb 03, 2020

FSSAI has recently reconstituted its scientific committee and 19 scientific panels. It has also constituted  two  scientific  panels,  comprising independent  scientific  experts,  for  providing scientific  and  technical  advice  and  the  development  of  standards  for  food  products. The  scientific  panels  will  be  valid for  a three-year  term,  from January 1, 2020 to  December 31,  2022. 

This  is  as  per  the  terms  of  the  provisions  contained  in  Section  15  of  the  Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. Each of these scientific bodies will carry out work as per the provisions of the FSSAI orders.

The  19  scientific  panels  are  on  food  additives,  flavouring,  processing  aids  and  materials  in contact with food; pesticides residues; genetically-modified organisms and foods; functional foods,  nutraceuticals,  dietetic  products  and  other  similar  products;  biological  hazards; contaminants  in  food  chain;  labelling  claims  and  advertisements;  method  of  sampling analysis, fish and fish products; milk and milk products; meat and meat products, including poultry; cereals, pulses, legumes, including bakery; fruits and vegetables, including nuts; oils and  fats;  sweets,  confectionery,  sugar,  honey  water,  including  flavoured,  non-alcoholic beverages;  nutrition  and  fortification;  antibiotic  residues;  spices  and  condiments,  and packaging and alcoholic beverages.

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