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Registration of Health Food keeps increasing: until 13 December 2019 a total of 396 have been approved, while in the same period 27 products have benefitted of the fast-track filing procedure.


Oct 31, 2019

More than 60% of those are herbal products, such as for instance Flos lonicerae buccal tablet (金银花北沙参含片), Suanzao kernel schisandra fruit poria cocos capsule 酸枣仁五味子茯苓胶囊, Yuganzi ginseng schisandra fruit tablet (余甘子人参五味子片).

Other mainstream ingredients include propolis (more than 37 approved products, accounting for about 9%), and grapeseed extract and oil (about 21%), Co-enzyme Q10, collagen, spirulina. The Market seems also showing interest to soybean extract health-foods.

Amongst less-performing ingredients – in terms of applications – we see colostrum milk powder. 

Rarely seen yet interesting products also include a Vitamin A beverage (with anti eye-fatigue function), a Garlic oil product (with lowering blood-lipids function), and a probiotic stachyose product (with laxative and immune-enhancing functions) In terms of formulation, with referral to this period, the majority of the health-food seems to be offered in capsules (64%), followed by tablets (18%) , fluid oral solution (7%), powder 5%.

Note: this Vitamin A - health-food beverage highlights functions to support eyesight against myopia, tardy eye, eye pain and ocular fatigue. Ingredients include lutein, vitamin A, taurine, and Zinc, as declared on label


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