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Can the Wine Bought Back Abroad be Sold to the Market?


May 01, 2019

Can you sale wine brought back abroad directly to the market without the Chinese label? China's "Food Safety Law" clearly stipulates that pre-packaged foods may not be imported if they do not have Chinese labels, Chinese instructions or labels, and the instructions do not comply with the provisions of this article. Recently, Wenchang Hengxing Trading Co., Ltd. Hengxing Commercial City was fined 5,100 yuan for imported wines whose business labels did not meet food safety standards.


According to reports, on the morning of March 7, Hainan Provincial Market Supervision Administration Inspection Team and Wenchang City Food and Drug Administration law enforcement personnel inspected the liquors operated by Hengxing Commercial City Supermarket. Law enforcement officers found that two bottles of “Hennessy V·S·O·P” and “Hennessy X·O” were placed on the shelves of the “Famous Wine Customer Service Center”. The labels on the bottles were only marked in English, and there was no Simplified Chinese and domestic agents. Business information.


According to the relevant parties' confession, the above two bottles of wine were purchased by the store owner when they visited Australia last year. They were unable to provide the purchase of two bottles of wine, the supplier's relevant qualification certificate and the product quality inspection report.


Due to the business label that does not meet the food safety standards, the Wenchang Food and Drug Administration recently imposed an administrative penalty on Wenchang Hengxing Trading Co., Ltd. Hengxing Commercial City, a fine of 5,100 yuan, and confiscated two bottles of illegally marketed wine.


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