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GAC | Unqualified Imported Foods & Cosmetics in June, 2019


Jul 31, 2019

Unqualified foods came from 21 countries or regions (Japan was the Top 1 with 12 unqualified batches), involving 16 categories. Seafood and aquatic products, beverages, sugars were the major unqualified food categories.

The foods refused for entry did not comply with China’s laws and regulations. The main reasons of rejection were: excessive use of food additives, unqualified quality and lack of inspection and quarantine approval.

The qualified cosmetics came from Italy, Syria and Switzerland, which were skin care cosmetics, beauty cosmetics and other cosmetics. The rejection reason was inconsistent goods with documents and unqualified certification.

The above mentioned unqualified foods and cosmetics had been returned or destroyed at ports, according to GAC.

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