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Aug 03, 2018

The European commission has authorized the use of hen egg white lysozyme hydrolysate in food supplements on the EU market. 

Lysozyme is a polypeptide with 129 amino acids that occurs naturally in chicken eggs has a significant history of consumption within the EU and it is also authorized as an additive (E1105). 

According to the assessment report of Ireland the novel food ingredient is produced by the hydrolysis of commercially available hen egg white lysozyme with a food grade protease (subtilisin). The difference with lysozyme is that it comprises a distinct set of peptides of varying amino acid length (primarily of di- and tri-peptides), many of which are rich in tryptophan.  

Hen egg white lysozyme hydrolysate complying with the specifications may be placed on the market in the EU as a novel food ingredient to be used in food supplements at a maximum daily dose of 1000 mg per day. 

The designation of the novel food on the labelling of food supplements containing it shall be “Hen egg white lysozyme hydrolysate”.

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