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MENAParT - A Systematic Review of Trans Fat Reduction Initiatives in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Dec 08, 2021

In the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR), a region that harbors a high burden of CVD, and where the consumption of TFA is high, the WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean, in collaboration with WHO Headquarters and Resolve to Save Lives, has been providing technical assistance to support country-level policy development and implementation. The WHO EMR regional nutrition strategy 2020–2030, has included specific objectives related to the virtual elimination of industrially-produced TFA from the food supply, and recommended a number of priority actions that will assist Member States in reaching these objectives. However, to date, there has been no comprehensive appraisal of the government-initiated public health strategies that are being adopted by countries of the region in order to eliminate TFA from the food supply and decrease the population's TFA intake. It is in this context that we conducted this systematic review, with the aim of identifying and documenting existing national TFA reduction strategies, providing an overview of initiatives that are implemented by countries of the EMR to reduce TFA intakes, and tracking progress toward the goal of TFA elimination by 2023.

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