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Jordan - Trans Fats: A Review of Their Sources, Consumption, Health Implications, International and National Policies and Regulation

Nov 17, 2021

Objectives: This review aimed to evaluate the main sources of TFA and its association with disease risk; and to review global and national policies and regulations to elimination TFA from food products.

Methods This is a narrative literature review that provides an updated summary on current data on dietary TFA diversity in its sources and consumption, health Implications and policies and regulations across nations particularly in Jordan.
Conclusion: In response to growing evidence linking intake of TFA to heart disease, the World Health Organization (WHO) has launched an action package to provide strategic guidance for global elimination of industrially produced TFA by 2023. Several countries have imposed voluntary or mandatory measures to minimize the content of TFA in their food supply. The available data in Jordan indicates that TFA in the food supply and its intake are above the WHO limits. Currently, there are no policies specific to noncompliance with TFA regulations in Jordan.

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