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EU - Nutraceutical Regulation in European Countries

European Union

Apr 24, 2024

An ingredient or mixture of ingredients that may be used or given to humans for restoring, repairing, or modifying the functions of the body by performing a pharmacy, immunological, or metabolic activity, or making a medical diagnosis may be a medical product. The changing attitude toward food supplements or diet to meet a recommended dietary supplement is also creating the market for nutraceuticals. People today prefer natural and organic products, active drinks, and natural additives. A growing percentage of consumers are concerned about rising health care prices. People, who are dissatisfied with health care products, depends on neutraceuticals to improve their health and avoid serious illnesses. Nutraceuticals administered exerts pharmacological effect with medical claims and administered as dietary supplements for vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are substantially different. This substantial difference in use of nutraceuticals has been considered differently for regulatory legislations in the European Union. This chapter is an 154attempt to discuss the role of EU Framework and European legislations on nutraceuticals.


Author(s):  Saurabh, S., Singh, M., Bhutani, S., Srivastav, S & Kiran, S.

Published in: Apple Academic Press

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