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Nutraceuticals regulation: an overview of the regulatory frameworks in USA, EU, and Japan


Dec 07, 2023

Nutraceutical regulation presents a notable challenge to the globalization of nutraceuticals, with the differing definitions of these products being used across countries. The main challenge in nutraceutical regulation is the lack of international consensus on the definition of this product category; standards for quality assurance and integrity do not exist in a global context. Strengthening regulations regarding the quality and safety of these products would provide significant benefits to the industry and help reduce the risk of regulatory repercussions. Around the world, the food trade market is growing rapidly, and nutraceutical regulations are constantly evolving. The creation of global regulations on nutraceuticals, with their specific meanings, quality considerations, and attributes of safety, is crucial to ensuring both health of consumers and the growth of the nutraceutical industry. In this chapter, an overview of different nutraceutical regulations, implemented in the US, EU, and Japan, has been given along with some specific detailing on how different organizations are regulating the realm of nutraceuticals.


Author(s):  Thakur, S., Mohan Gupta, M & Sharma, D.

Published in: Nutraceutical Fruits and Foods for Neurodegenerative Disorders,

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