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A regulatory overview on nutraceuticals and regulatory compliances in India and USA


Jul 11, 2022

Nutraceutical is a combination of “Nutrition” and “Pharmaceutical”. In today‟s era of increased expectations and standards of lifestyle, there has been a constant demand for supplements other than food and medicines. Nutraceuticals are any food or part of food that has nutritional and medicinal benefits such as prevention and remedy of disorder. The fortified meal products with changing lifestyle and related issues, functional supplements like vitamins, proteins, fatty acids, minerals, amino acids, and probiotics also became a part of this category. All the regulatory authorities are focusing on the quality and safety of these products which are meant to be used or consumed by humans. Regulatory authorities are converging on such products and reach from one country to another in compliance with respective guidelines set by the Regulatory team of the particular country. This article mainly aims at the regulatory work for Nutraceuticals in India and the US.

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