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India - Nutraceuticals: Regulatory Landscape and Market Dynamics in the Indian Scenario


Jan 12, 2024

Numerous diseases can be prevented and treated with the help of Nutraceuticals. They have become an integral part of daily food intake for every human due to the increase in lifestyle-related health issues. Ensuring the enforcement of safety and quality standards is of utmost importance, particularly considering the widespread global usage of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, prebiotics, probiotics, and herbal supplements for both preventive and therapeutic purposes. The necessity for the development of such regulatory guidelines has been further highlighted by the fast-growing global Nutraceutical business. Even though rules in the US, UK, and Europe have been simplified and made more conductive to growth of Nutraceutical product ecosystem, the Indian Nutraceutical companies and the regulatory landscape are still in their nascent stage and have a lot of room to grow and compete with other international organisations. India’s Nutraceuticals industry is expanding quickly, and several measures have been made to position the country as a major role in the future of the sector.


Author(s):  Ganguly, D., Choudhury. A., Chanda, R., Das, H., Mitra, S., Ghosh, R, et al

Published in: Journal of Young Pharmacists.

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