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EU - Food Safety and Hygiene: Current Policies, Quality Standards, and Scope of Artificial Intelligence.

European Union

Apr 10, 2024

Ensuring food safety and hygiene is of supreme importance to protect public health and prevent foodborne illnesses. This chapter explores the current state of food safety policies and quality standards, highlighting their crucial role in regulating the food industry and safeguarding consumers. By analyzing the existing challenges and gaps in traditional approaches, the chapter emphasizes the potential benefits of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into food safety practices. AI-powered technologies offer a promising scope for revolutionizing food safety and hygiene protocols. The abstract delves into the various AI applications, including automated monitoring systems, E-learning systems, Inspection apps, labeling, and light-based decontamination that can enhance risk assessment, early detection of contamination, and supply chain traceability. Furthermore, this chapter highlights the potential obstacles to adopting AI in this domain, such as data privacy and regulatory concerns. By embracing AI's potential while addressing its limitations, stakeholders can foster a safer food ecosystem, fortify consumer confidence, and cultivate a healthier society.


Author(s):  Chavan, Y., Paul, K., Kolekar, N

Published in: Advances in Science, Technology & Innovation ((ASTI))


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